Terminal Access Procedures

Terminal Access Procedures

This guide for access to Ampol terminals is for customers who wish to spot purchase bulk supplies of declared petroleum products (as defined in the Oilcode) by direct pick up from Ampol seaboard terminals (or those Ampol facilities which are connected by product transfer pipeline to a seaboard terminal) ("Ampol wholesale facilities").

Access to terminals is subject to environmental, health and safety conditions, including driver training and truck suitability, given that terminal access involves bulk handling of a hazardous commodity. There are also specific local requirements that apply, depending upon the terminal arrangements that Ampol has in place, eg load quantities, method of payment, terms and scheduling. A list of trucking contractors currently accredited with access to Ampol terminals is available on request. While terminal access operates with these few necessary conditions, they do not limit competition.

This policy is directed at customers who do not already have a contract for wholesale supply of products from Ampol which specifies delivery arrangements.

A minimum road tanker load of 35,000 litres applies. Smaller volumes may be purchased through Ampol distributors or service stations and prices and conditions of sale should be discussed with these outlets.

The following guide takes you through the six steps for terminal pickup supply:

  1. Initial inquiry
  2. Becoming an Ampol customer
  3. Arranging terminal access
  4. Ordering products
  5. Payment for products
  6. Picking up products

Six Steps To Terminal Access

Step 1: Initial Enquiry

Telephone Ampol's National Order Centre on 1300 656 923 or the local terminal.

Indicate that you are a wholesale customer and wish to receive information on purchasing direct from an Ampol seaboard terminal, on a spot basis. You will need to provide some details to enable us to set you up as a customer, including your correct trading entity, product, quantity and terminal location required. These details will then be forwarded to the Customer Service Centre.

If you want to arrange a term contract, the National Order Centre operator will take your details and arrange for you to speak with an Ampol Business Manager.

Step 2: Becoming an Ampol Customer for Spot Sales

A customer service coordinator will contact you to discuss your requirements. The customer service coordinator will establish you in Ampol's accounting and ordering systems and provide, or arrange for supply of, any necessary information and forms.

Please note that once this information has been set up, these details can be used for subsequent purchases.

Step 3: Arranging Terminal Access

All vehicles and drivers must be accredited at the specific terminal you wish to use. There are a number of statutory requirements as well as corporate environmental, health and safety requirements, which must me met before access is permitted. These relate to:

the vehicle
the driver
Your customer service coordinator will assist you or your carrier/driver with obtaining the necessary accreditation, or advise of others who will be able to assist.

(a) Vehicle approval

Before entering an Ampol Terminal, any road tanker must be granted a "Safe Load Pass" in accordance with the Safe Load Program(SLP), OG7. This pass must be shown to gain entry to the terminal. Granting of a pass requires the tanker to be presented to an SLP accredited inspector, who will inspect the vehicle and either advise if rectification work is required or issue a safe load pass. A fee is payable to the accredited inspector. Local terminals will advise the location of the most convenient accredited inspector. The Safe Load Pass is valid for 6 months, after which the inspection procedure must be repeated.

(b) Driver approval

All drivers must hold a current SLP Driver Passport endorsed for loading at the particular terminal concerned. Terminal staff will advise details of how to obtain a passport.

The passport requires training and examination of hazardous and dangerous goods knowledge and of terminal specific safety procedures. Hazardous goods training is provided by accredited trainers in all capital cities. A fee is charged for this training.

Terminal induction training is provided by Ampol staff and is mandatory. A fee may apply.

(c) Other forms as may be required on a local basis.

Step 4: Ordering Products

Once the necessary account creation and delivery arrangements have been set up, and you would like to proceed with a purchase based on the posted spot prices, product can then be ordered through the National Order Centre, 1300 656 923, or through the local terminal.

At some terminals, pick up times may be restricted to allow priority at busy periods for Ampol vehicles. The customer service representative will advise this. In times of product shortage, Ampol reserves the right not to supply (consistent with contractual and statutory obligations) or to impose product rationing.

Step 5: Payment for Products

Terminal Gate Prices quoted are for payment on or before delivery. Payment is required in full (funds must be cleared) prior to pickup. This can be by any form of prepayment, or by Telegraphic Transfer.

Step 6: Picking up Products

Once the account arrangements have been set up, products ordered and payment has been effected in full, the product/s may be picked up.