Ampol Kurnell Battery Energy Storage System

As part of Ampol’s Future Energy and Decarbonisation strategies, we are exploring how we can better support our customers, employees, and the communities in which we operate through playing a role in Australia’s energy transition.

Ampol is investigating an 800 megawatt Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at the Ampol Kurnell Site.

We are currently carrying out environmental assessments to inform the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The assessments would identify potential environmental and social impacts and would outline mitigation measures to avoid and minimise impacts on the community and the environment.

We will continue to engage with the community and stakeholders as the project progresses. For project status and consultation opportunities visit our consultation page.

Fast Facts

  • Provides energy

    Equivelent to the energy needs of 32,000 houses for 2 hours per cycle*

  • Provides power

    Can power around 100,000km of electric vehicle driving per cycle*

  • Long operational life

    Operational life of 20 to 30 years

  • Provides jobs

    Expected to create up to 250 jobs during construction of each stage

  • Staged construction

    Around 12 months construction for each stage

*One cycle involves charging and discharging the entire battery once

Latest news

Thank you for attending our community information drop-in session held Thursday 27 June 2024. Community members were able to view information on display, ask questions and talk with the project team. We received helpful feedback for the project team to consider and provide input to environmental assessments.

View project information boards here

View our latest Project Notification here

View the project Scoping Report and Secretary’s Environmental Assessment requirements (SEARs) for the EIS here

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