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Welcoming back an Australian icon

Caltex Australia Limited has changed its name to Ampol Limited. This is the first major milestone as we revitalise and roll out Ampol across our Australian business. For over 80 years, the spirit of Ampol has lived on through our company values and culture.

The new Ampol connects our proud history with everything our business is known for today, our trusted high-quality products, our commitment to customer service, local communities and the largest leading transport fuels network in Australia. The first new Ampol sites will appear in Sydney and Melbourne in the second half of 2020, with roll out nationally in 2021 and while you'll see a physical change at your local Caltex in the future, our service and commitment to you will remain the same.

We are proud to welcome our revitalised iconic Australian brand back into our Australian business, stay tuned for what is going to be an exciting journey for all of us.

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