Why Choose Ampol

Why Choose Ampol

Australian businesses have turned to Ampol for over 120 years as a proven partner with the power to deliver.

At every step of the way, Ampol focuses on delivering world-class products and exceptional value to our business clients and customers in all industries nationwide. Whether you’re in agriculture, mining, commercial transport, commercial or corporate fleet, construction or government, when you partner with Ampol you can be assured that delivering value to your business drives everything we do.

 We’re driven to be the most reliable supplier in the industry – the partner you depend on through natural disasters, the unknown, and the unexpected. 

Capable people, powerful process frameworks, and strategic assets in the right place at the right time create a world class supply organisation where your bottom line is top of mind – our demand forecasting looks years in advance to prepare for supply challenges. 

Australia’s largest infrastructure and terminal network

You are supported by the largest infrastructure and terminal network in Australia with Ampol:

  • a local refinery
  • a lubricants manufacturing facility (Brisbane)
  • 16 terminals
  • 89 depots
  • 5 major pipelines
  • Over 1800 service stations
  • 240 dedicated truck sites as part of the Ampol National Truck Network

Supply chain resilience

Ampol’s world-class infrastructure and supply chain guarantees a reliable and uninterrupted fuel supply – even in uncertain times.

We’re problem-solvers; committed to an uninterrupted fuel supply and competitive freight that connects our nation. How do we do it? By building relationships that matter with our carrier partners, distributors and authorities across Australia. 

Power your business forward

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