National Truck Network

National Truck Network


Keeping Australia moving

The Ampol National Truck Network (NTN) has dedicated truck sites in Australia specifically designed to deliver tangible fuel savings, drive down your operating costs and improve fleet efficiency.

Benefit from fleet efficiency, on-time delivery and driver safety with our dedicated truck sites.

  • Greater fuel discounts at NTN sites that save your business more
  • Your business doesn’t stop and neither do we with 24/7 availability across all sites
  • Access our sites safely and easily with dedicated truck access and forecourts
  • High flow pumps & minimum canopy heights help your trucks get back on the road faster
  • Our performance diesel products help improve your vehicles’ fuel efficiencies
  • AdBlue® at the pump is available at over 160 NTN locations in Australia
  • Improve the welfare of your drivers with key facilities including showers, restaurants, coffee, takeaway food and drink, toilets and lounges at selected sites