Unleaded Fuel

Unleaded 91 Petrol
Ampol Unleaded Petrol is designed for spark ignition engines and blended to meet the requirements of automotive engines fitted with catalytic converters designed to run on unleaded petrol. It has a minimum Research Octane Number (RON) of 91.
Bio E10 Unleaded
Ampol Bio E10 Unleaded Petrol is a high-quality unleaded petrol formulated with up to 10% ethanol. It meets the requirements of the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000. Ethanol is a renewable non-fossil fuel which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.
Low Aromatic Unleaded Petrol
Ampol Low Aromatic Unleaded Petrol is a regular unleaded petrol designed for spark ignition engines. It is low in the aromatic hydrocarbons which are associated with narcotic effects from sniffing petrol.

What is e10 Unleaded?

Ampol Bio E10 Unleaded is a high quality unleaded petrol available at Ampol locations that contains ethanol,  a colourless alcohol capable of being used as fuel and is considered to be renewable fuel when it’s produced/sourced from agricultural means.

Up to 10% of Ampol Bio E10 Unleaded petrol is blended with ethanol, meaning it can help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

The ethanol used in Ampol’s E10 blends is made from homegrown crops, which supports our local industry and jobs, so you can feel good you’re making a choice that makes a difference to both the environment and fellow Australians.

E10 Bio Unleaded FAQs

Looking for more out of your vehicle?

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