On-Site Refueling

On-Site Refueling

Where fuel comes to your site 

Our OSR service is designed to work for you. Agile and efficient fuel supply is what we’re about and we will work with you to make sure your business drives down costs and increases productivity in a safe and reliable manner. Our proven service and capability will ensure you get exactly what your business needs.

Genuine benefits for your construction project

Our goal is to ensure that you never run out of fuel, so you can keep building the infrastructure Australia needs. On a construction site, time is money. That is why, through our construction On Site Refuelling (OSR) service, we will deliver diesel fuel straight to your site to fill equipment, trucks and storage tanks whenever you prefer, saving you time and the costs associated with the need for bulk storage facilities. 


Key Facts

  • Monday to Friday service
  • Regular runs by a fleet of specialised vehicles
  • Operated by trained personnel
  • Deliveries tailored to meet your schedule
  • Drive down costs
  • Enhanced safety and reliability
  • Streamlined reporting
  • Increased productivity

Ampol caters to your business

Convenient on-site delivery

We know the constant operation of your vehicles and machinery is important, which is why our fleet of 6,000L and 8,000L Ampol OSR tankers are ready to refuel your equipment directly and safely, wherever your business needs it. We’re local wherever you are, meaning you’ll get the added benefit of a dedicated driver who knows your business.

Flexible delivery timing

Our logistics team works tirelessly with our supply team to deliver your product on time, in full, safely, no matter what the challenge. Our teams are flexible and efficient and can react quickly to short-notice fuel demands, making sure you have the right fuel, when and where you need it.

Power your business forward

Reach out to our dedicated team to start your journey.