From A to Awake

Perked up by Foodary coffee.

Hot Coffee

Pick-up a delicious hot coffee made with the blend that is meant to be* from your local Ampol Foodary.

Choose your coffee, then your preferred milk and at the push of a button, get the perfect pour ready-to-go. 

*Product and range availability may vary by store. Push button machines are available at select locations.

Iced Coffee

If the sun shining, you’re cruisin’ on a long drive or just want a refreshing drink, stop by your local Ampol Foodary and pick-up a delicious Iced Coffee*.

Simply, get a cup from the freezer, return to the push-button machine coffee area, peel-off the lid and fill your cup with freshly ground coffee. That’s right – you can get an Iced Latte, Iced Mocha or Iced Chocolate at the push of a button.

*Product and range availability may vary by store. Push button coffee machines are available at select locations.

Barista Made Coffee

Barista made Foodary coffee in available at select locations from early morning ‘til late. Let our experienced baristas prepare a perfect coffee for you to enjoy every sip, every time.

Our Barista and Milk Options

Our Baristas
Our baristas go through comprehensive training to ensure you enjoy every sip of your coffee, every time.  They’re passionate not only about quality coffee, but also about customer service.
Milk Options
Customise our freshly ground coffee with whole milk or low-fat milk at sites where machine coffee is available. 
Picking-up your coffee from one of our Barista sites? Whole and low-fat milk are available, but also other plant based milk alternatives like soy and almond milk. 

It’s the perfect coffee cup, made with your choice of milk. 

*Product and range availability vary by store.