Additives & Benefits

Amplify Premium Fuels Benefits

The Amplify Premium Unleaded and Diesel range is uniquely formulated to ensure your engine stays clean and performs at its peak.

World-class fuels to maximise engine performance

Amplify 95 & 98 Premium Petrol

Ampol is a proudly Australian owned company and we formulate and test our fuels for tough Australian conditions. Unlike regular fuels, our Amplify Premium Petrol contains an advanced multi-functional additive to remove carbon deposits from the tips and inside of injectors. These carbon deposits disrupt the flow of fuel into your engine and can result in hesitation under acceleration, rough engine running and increased fuel use. 

Amplify Premium Diesel

Amplify Premium Diesel is a high-performance diesel designed to meet increasing demands of new diesel engines. Its unique, QPIBA based formulation keeps hard-working engines healthier for longer. The unique multi-functional additive in Amplify Premium Diesel restores and maintains fuel injector cleanliness. Through regular use it can protect your engine and provide up to a 100% power restoration.

The multi-function additive in Ampol Amplify Premium Fuels is based on new advanced deposit control technology with the following features -


The detergent cleans the fuel system for optimum fuel flow.


The corrosion inhibitor protects metallic surfaces and prevents the formation of abrasive rust particles that can cause damage to injectors.


The friction modifier provides a barrier between the moving metal surfaces to help prevent engine wear.

The foam inhibitor in Amplify Diesel prevents the formation of foam during refuelling that can lead to spills resulting in a cleaner, faster fill.

Looking for more out of your vehicle?

Get the most out of your vehicle and ensure your engine stays clean and free from unwanted build-ups. Amplify high-octane Premium Unleaded Petrol is a great choice for a wide variety of petrol engines.