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About Ampol - Common Questions

Yes, Ampol accepts Everyday Rewards.
With Everyday Rewards, you can collect points for every dollar you spend on fuel and in store at participating sites. Simply scan your Everyday Rewards card the next time you fill up or shop.

There are more than 1,900 Ampol-branded service stations in Australia.

Amplify Premium Diesel is a high-performance diesel designed to meet increasing demands of new diesel engines. Its unique, advanced formulation keeps hard-working engines healthier for longer.
Amplify Premium Diesel contains an advanced multi-function additive that includes a cleaning agent and rust inhibitor which clean and protect your engine as you drive. It also has an anti-foaming agent which reduces the incidence of foaming during refuelling for a cleaner and faster fill experience.

Ampol partners with Woolworths on the co-creation of the Ampol Woolworths Metro convenience retail offer which is being roll out across Australia.

Amplify premium fuels. 

Designed to clean your engine while you drive, Ampol Amplify premium fuels are a range of high-performance fuels that provide enhanced performance and efficiency, wherever you’re headed.  
Ampol premium petrol grades also have higher RON (Research Octane Number) than regular unleaded petrol and provide additional combustion efficiency benefits in modern engines.