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Amplify Premium Fuels

There are 3 Amplify Premium fuels:

  • Amplify Premium 98 is our highest octane petrol, formulated to meet the exact requirements of the latest high-compression, turbo-charged and performance engines.
  • Amplify Premium 95 combines a high octane, friction reducer and rust inhibitor to help give more power and improve performance compared to regular, unadditised petrol.
  • Amplify Premium Diesel contains advanced additives to help restore and maintain fuel injector cleanliness.

All 3 contain our unique, multi function additives that help to clean your engine for better performance.

The industry standard testing for clean-up performance allows additive suppliers to benchmark the performance of their products against competitors and a reference fuel in a controlled environment. The test engine specifications and the reference fuel type have been agreed upon as a global standard to ensure consistency when comparing the performance data internationally. It is impossible to recreate this type of testing using every different type of engine in production. Furthermore, the final results may vary depending on the engine itself, environmental conditions, other factors such as variability in engine load factor and driver behaviours.

In addition to industry standard tests, Ampol Australia has conducted local testing encompassing engine dynamometers, chassis dynamometers, highly accurate fuel flow meters and on-road driving tests close to real word conditions. The fundamental benefit of Amplify Premium Fuels is they clean up and keep clean the fuel system, and this has been demonstrated in a range of different sized engines – including those used in the industry standard testing.

Amplify Premium Diesel contains an advanced multi-function additive that includes a cleaning agent and rust inhibitor which clean and protect your engine as you drive. It also has an anti-foaming agent which reduces the incidence of foaming during refuelling for a cleaner and faster fill experience. The multi-function additive is not present in regular diesel, only Amplify diesel hence why we differentiate this product as premium.

The cleaning agent in Amplify Premium fuels starts working immediately but the resultant benefit will be dependent upon the level of injector fouling. Continuous use of Amplify Premium Diesel will result in the clean-up of fuel injector deposits, keep clean of fuel system components and the potential recovery of lost power and fuel efficiency.  The time this will take will vary according to vehicle condition, driver behaviour and trip characteristics.

Amplify Premium fuels can be safely mixed with any regular, unadditised fuels. However, by diluting Amplify Premium, you will also dilute its benefits. Mixing regular, unadditised fuel and Amplify Premium will also lower the octane rating. If your vehicle requires a minimum octane rating of 95, for example, the blend may fall below this and hinder the performance of your vehicle until the fuel is changed.