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Introducing the faster way to pay for fuel. FuelPay is a feature available on the Ampol App that lets you pay for fuel via phone without the need to queue in store.

FuelPay® can only be used at participating Ampol sites (which as we transition to the Ampol brand may be branded, Caltex# or Ampol). FuelPay is currently available to use across more than 600 participating Ampol sites across Australia.

FuelPay® is available to all customers who have downloaded the Ampol App, registered for FuelPay® and would like to pay for fuel using a valid MasterCard or Visa card, or using Apple Pay. You must ensure you have a working internet connection on your phone to be able to use FuelPay®. Some stores may have customer Wi-Fi which you can connect to use FuelPay®.

You are only able to have one AmpolCard / StarCard# linked to one account, which can only be used on one device. If you would like to add another fuel card, you will need to remove the AmpolCard or StarCard# you have set as your payment method.

AmpolCash / StarCash# cannot be used with FuelPay. You are welcome to go in-store and spend your AmpolCash / StarCash# gift card.