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Roadside Assistance

Services will only be provided to Nominated Vehicles disabled on constructed roads/driveways that are legally trafficable by conventional two-wheel drive vehicles or the towing/recovery vehicle (where required) as determined by the Service Provider.
  • When requesting Roadside Assistance, the driver must remain with the vehicle. Service will not be provided to unattended vehicles.
  • Should special equipment be necessary to deliver the Service or where the Service Provider has to return to their service facility to obtain any special equipment required, the additional cost will be invoiced as an additional charge to your AmpolCard account.
  • When signing up for Roadside Assistance, please ensure your vehicle registration details are correct, as these will be cross checked whenever assistance is required.
Yes. You can run the ‘Card Details Report’ in the ‘Reports’ section of myAmpol.
Yes. Our Roadside Assistance policies provide national coverage* so you are covered no matter where your business takes you.
*Provision of Services outside Australia (and for the purposes of this agreement, “Australia” includes the mainland and Tasmania but excludes any other off-shore territory or Island).

Your location is defined by your point of pickup. Regional v’s Metropolitan can be clarified per below:


  • Metropolitan area means the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Newcastle (including Raymond Terrace, Nelson Bay and Maitland), Blue Mountains (including Springwood and Katoomba), Illawarra (including Kiama, Wollongong and Picton) and all areas of the ACT.
  • Country Areas means all areas of New South Wales that are outside the Metropolitan Areas above.
  • Metro Area means Melbourne Metropolitan or Geelong urban areas.
  • Country Area(s) means those areas of Victoria outside the Melbourne Metropolitan or Geelong urban areas.


  • Metro Area covers within the greater Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast regions.
  • Country Area mean those areas of Queensland outside of the greater Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast regions.


  • Metro Area means the geographic area of Adelaide.
  • Country Area means the areas outside of the geographical area of Adelaide.


  • Metropolitan Area means the Perth metropolitan area as detailed by the WA Planning Commission Metropolitan Region Scheme map, as well as Mandurah.
  • Country Area(s) means areas within Western Australia but outside the Metropolitan Area.


  • Metro Area is the geographic area of Darwin and Alice Springs.
  • Country Area is defined as the areas outside of the geographic area of Darwin and Alice Springs.


  • Metro Area is defined as the Hobart Metropolitan area.
  • Country area is defined as everything outside the Hobart Metropolitan area.