Ampol Welcomes Release of Climate Leaders Coalition’s Roadmap to 2030

Ampol today welcomes the release of the Climate Leaders Coalition’s (CLC) “Roadmap to 2030 - Shifting to a Low Carbon Future”, providing a pragmatic guide for business leaders to deliver emissions reductions. Ampol is a proud member of CLC, a group of 33 leading Australian companies and their CEOs.

Matt Halliday, Ampol’s Managing Director and CEO said:

“As business leaders we must step up and be part of the solution to climate change. This will ensure future generations have the opportunities we have had and more. I want to look back and be proud that I was part of a generation that transformed the world into a better place with a sustainable future, rather than one that acted too late and too slowly to make a real difference.

Ampol feels this responsibility keenly and we have the ability and know-how to meet the changing energy needs of customers into the future. Ampol’s infrastructure, national network, brand and strong relationships with customers make us well-placed to work with businesses, governments and motorists on the energy transition.

We will invest a minimum of $100 million on future energy projects by 2025 and develop new energy solutions in areas such as electricity, hydrogen, gas, biofuels and carbon mitigation.

We will soon commence work on a national EV charging network that will reduce range anxiety and support battery electric vehicle adoption. We are also working closely with our business customers to understand their needs and to ensure they feel confident taking the step to future fuels. 

Our work in hydrogen is progressing strongly and we welcome recent state government announcements that will support investment in emerging technologies. Ampol’s work includes a partnership with Main Sequence and the CSIRO to support the launch of a new Australian clean energy storage start-up – Endua – to develop a hydrogen-based microgeneration and storage technology solution that can displace traditional fuels. We are also piloting a green hydrogen production plant at Lytton, highlighting the important role existing infrastructure and manufacturing skills will play in supporting the energy transition.

Ampol is a proud member of the Climate Leaders Coalition and we welcome the release of Roadmap to 2030. I firmly believe that by working closely together, Australian business can drive the delivery of emissions reductions. It will require trade-offs and boldness, and some risk-taking. But by embracing that, profitable growth and a strong future economy will emerge - to the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Click here to read Climate Leaders Coalition’s Roadmap to 2030

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