Ampol and Exxonmobil Enter Lubricants Marketing Alliance in Australia

Ampol and ExxonMobil have entered a marketing alliance, where Ampol will blend, distribute and market Mobil
lubricants in Australia.

Matthew Halliday, Ampol’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, said that the new alliance supports the
company’s commitment to delivering world-class products to Australian consumers.

“Our customers know us for our extensive knowledge and capabilities in sourcing and manufacturing trusted, highquality lubricants. We explored several options to find the right lubricant technology for our customers and believe that Mobil lubricants are a perfect fit.

“This alliance forms part of the revitalisation of Ampol and supports our commitment to continuing to evolve our lubricants offering to support the changing needs of our customers. Ampol is Australia’s leading transport fuels provider and has been delivering quality products to Australians for over 120 years. We look forward to working with ExxonMobil, who bring global knowledge, leading lubricants technology and experience to our customer offering.”

Russ Green, ExxonMobil’s Vice President of Finished Lubricants, said: “The alliance will build on the success of Mobil lubricants in Australia by combining our world-class brand and lubricant technology with Ampol’s scale, Australian expertise and strong customer relationships to deliver our advanced lubricants to more customers across Australia.”

Ampol will supply Mobil lubricants to retail and business customers through a combination of direct and distributor channels.

The alliance will be supported by Ampol’s strategic infrastructure positions and supply chain expertise, with its local production and import capabilities to support the delivery of Mobil‘s comprehensive range of lubricants to the Australian market.

The manufacturing, distribution and marketing conversion to Mobil lubricants will commence in 2021 and take
approximately 12 months to complete.

ExxonMobil is one of the world’s largest suppliers and marketers of fuels and has been a leader in lubricant technology for 150 years.

Its breakthrough products have helped to power some of mankind’s greatest technological feats, including the first gasoline-powered automobile, the first electric generating system, the first powered flight and more.

The ExxonMobil Australia group has been proudly operating in Australia since 1895.

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