Interim CEO Message 2020

Dear valued customer,

I would first like to offer my thoughts to all our customers at this difficult time. COVID-19 is having an impact on the way we all do business, challenging us in ways we have never experienced before.

I want to take this chance to update you on how Caltex is responding.

Caltex has always been a leader in delivering for customers at times of need and we are proud of the important role we play in keeping our customers moving and serving the community as an essential service. We are here to help and will continue to safely and reliably meet your energy needs.

Operating safely

Our priority has been the safety of you, our customers, and all our employees and partners. Over the last month we have quickly implemented changes to the way we operate.

For those we are serving through our retail network, we have reduced customer touch points in-store and increased sanitation practices. This has included things like additional cleaning procedures for shift changeovers, stopping the use of reusable coffee cups, increasing signage and making hand sanitiser and wipes available for customer use where possible.

At our truck stops, we have made changes to ensure we can continue to serve the transport sector and the essential workers that support it. This includes establishing designated eating areas with social distancing in mind, increasing cleaning of bathroom, shower and laundry facilities and using takeaway packaging where we can.

For those who we serve through our terminals, depots and other distribution facilities, we have adopted social distancing and additional cleaning procedures across all our equipment to ensure you and your people are safe.

Reliable supply

As always, we remain focused on reliable supply. We understand you and so many people across Australia depend on our essential products and services – whether this is fuel, lubricants or convenience products. We are committed to ensuring you can continue to access these, where and when you need, as this crisis evolves.

Some customers have asked us whether border controls in Australia or the global response to COVID-19 will impact fuel supply to or within Australia. Some of you may have also read our announcement last week that we are bringing forward planned maintenance at our Lytton refinery.

We can assure you that our fuel supply chains remain resilient. We have invested significantly in infrastructure and our supply chain capability over a long period and this means we are able to maintain the high standards of supply and availability you have come to expect.

Key to this strength is our Ampol Singapore team. Through this international sourcing and shipping capability and the strong relationships we have with suppliers globally, we have full confidence in adjusting our supply chains to continue to meet your needs. Inside Australia, our teams are working closely with government authorities to ensure border controls and other restrictions do not impede the supply of our products.

For those in Queensland, bringing forward our maintenance program at the Lytton refinery in a planned way will protect our business from the unprecedented economic impacts of COVID-19 and ensure we can transition to import supply without disruption. This decision will also ensure we can deliver the maintenance in a way that allows us to comply with social distancing requirements for the safety of those working in this part of our business.

Continuing to support you

We understand business circumstances have changed quickly for many of our customers. Please reach out to our customer service team (1800 240 398) or your Caltex representative if you have any questions. Many of our team members are now working from home, but they remain committed to providing you with the same 24/7 service that you have always been able to rely on.

We look forward to continuing to support you and the broader Australian community.

Stay safe,

Matthew Halliday on behalf of the Caltex team
Interim Chief Executive Officer