Ampol Takes Next Step in Reconciliation Journey

Today Ampol releases its second Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), setting out commitments to support better opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across employment, procurement, cultural awareness and community engagement.

Forming part of its broader diversity and inclusion strategy, the Innovate RAP is part of Ampol’s ongoing commitment to reconciliation following its first RAP introduced in 2018 and the company’s establishment of a refreshed purpose, strategy and brand.

Matt Halliday, Ampol Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, said that Ampol is proud to be taking the next step in its reconciliation journey.

“As a large national company that has a deep history across Australia, we understand our responsibility to be a sustainable, diverse business and to connect with others to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and create opportunities for equitable participation in Australian society.

“Shaped by our new purpose of Powering better journeys, today and tomorrow, our new RAP includes tangible commitments to improve outcomes in key areas for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their communities, and their businesses.”

Key initiatives being implemented under Ampol’s Innovate RAP include:

  • Enhancing opportunities to build and maintain relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples and businesses, and continuing to invest in important youth education programs, including through long-term partnerships with the Clontarf Foundation and Stars Foundation.
  • Committing to exploring opportunities that positively influences its employees, partners and customers to advance reconciliation. Ampol will relaunch a cultural awareness strategy and training programs to reinforce the importance of reconciliation across its workforce.
  • Formalising an Indigenous Procurement Strategy and actively increasing the number of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander businesses we engage with.
  • Developing new initiatives to improve and increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment outcomes by working closely with partners, including customers and other stakeholders, across the business.

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