Ampol Statement on Ukraine and Russian Products

MARCH 8, 2022

Ampol condemns Russia’s actions in Ukraine and acknowledges the human tragedy that continues to unfold.  Ampol supports the steps being taken internationally against Russia in support of Ukraine and its people.

Ampol has not purchased Russian crude oil or products since the conflict commenced. However, we have two Russian cargoes in our current planned supply chains. These cargoes were purchased prior to the invasion and will discharge prior to the end of April.

The Australian transport energy market is not reliant on Russian oil. Our refinery at Lytton uses crude oil sourced from south-east Asia, Africa, North America and the Middle East. Product supply chains in Australia also typically operate without any Russian oil products.

Despite this, geopolitical events in the Ukraine and current international sanctions are putting pressure on global oil prices and this is in turn impacting Australian retail fuel prices. We will continue to focus on delivering products safely and reliably to our customers using the strong existing supply chains we have in place.