Conditions of Use

These conditions apply to any use of an AmpolCash by any person ("Customer"). AmpolCash is either a physical Card ("Card") or AmpolCash e-Gift card (“AmpolCash Digital”) bearing the AmpolCash marks.  “Ampol” means Ampol Australia Petroleum Pty. Ltd.  A.B.N. 17 000 032 128, and each of its subsidiaries, related bodies corporate (as defined in the Corporations Act) or associated companies as the context requires.  A separate contract is created between you as the Customer and Ampol on these terms and conditions for each AmpolCash Card or AmpolCash Digital you purchase.

1. Acceptance of Conditions of Use. Any purchase or use of AmpolCash by a Customer will be deemed to be an acceptance of these conditions.  If you let another person use your AmpolCash you must tell them that the use of AmpolCash is subject to these terms and conditions.

2. Validity of Card. Where a signature panel is provided on a Card, the Customer must sign the Card immediately. Any relevant Card which has not been signed will not be accepted.

3. Verification of Card. If the AmpolCash has a PIN verification, the Customer must enter the PIN at the time of purchase.

4. Purchase of Goods and Services. The Card may only be used at Ampol outlets where EFTPOS facilities are operational and online. The Card can be used to purchase (or part pay in conjunction with cash or by credit card) selected goods or services available at these outlets. The Card cannot be used to purchase gift cards, prepaid or post-paid phone or internet vouchers, transport tickets, mobile phones and accessories, electric vehicle (EV) charging or lottery tickets.
AmpolCash Digital can be redeemed at participating locations. To find a participating location, visit the Ampol site locator and filter by AmpolCash Digital accepted. AmpolCash Digital cannot be used at Outdoor Payment and Pay@Pump terminals. 

5. No cash. No cash out facilities are available with AmpolCash and it is not redeemable for cash.

6. Customer Responsibility. Customers must ensure all details on any receipt are correct. Any dispute regarding receipt details is between the Customer and the Ampol outlet where the Card was purchased.

7. Non-Supply of Goods or Services. Ampol will have no liability to the Customer where a participating outlet refuses to supply products or services to the Customer. Any dispute regarding non-supply of products and services to the Customer is between the Customer and the relevant Ampol outlet. 

8. Property and Loss. AmpolCash remains the property of Ampol. If AmpolCash is lost or stolen, or if the Customer becomes aware of the possibility of any unauthorised use, the Customer must immediately notify Ampol on 1300 365 096. Until the Customer has given Ampol such notice and subject to any liability that cannot be excluded by law including any statutory consumer guarantees under the Competition and Consumer Act, as well as any other implied warranties under the ASIC Act 2001 or similar consumer protection laws, Ampol is not responsible, and excludes all liability for any loss or damage (including loss of opportunity) in relation to any theft or unauthorised access or use of AmpolCash If Ampol replaces any lost or stolen Card, a card replacement fee of $5.50 will be charged.  We may replace faulty AmpolCash. Any replacement AmpolCash will have the same unused value (at the time of replacement) and expiry date.

9. Purchase Limit. The total amount of purchases made by a Customer on AmpolCash must not exceed the face value or reissued value of a replacement Card or AmpolCash Digital. The Ampol EFTPOS system will check for any purchase in excess of this limit. If the Customer's purchases exceed the face value, the Customer is liable to Ampol for the excess payment in cash or by credit card.

10. Expiry. AmpolCash expires on the last day of the month, as stated on the Card or on AmpolCash Digital, or if no month is stated, 36 months after the date of purchase of the Card. AmpolCash cannot be used after the expiry date. Any balance that remains after expiry will not be available for use. Ampol will not replace expired AmpolCash.

11. Use of Card at Unmanned Locations. Cards can only be used at unmanned locations if they have PIN verification. Therefore, the Customer must request PIN verification when ordering a Card if the Customer wishes to use a Card at an unmanned location. AmpolCash Digital cannot be used at unmanned locations.