Heavy Duty Diesel

Heavy Duty Diesel

Amplify Diesel HD

Ampol Amplify Diesel HD cleans performance robbing deposits from critical parts of the engine. With cleaner fuel injectors, enhanced combustion efficiency can be achieved which leads to the subsequent benefits of: 

1. Engine power restoration*. 
2. Improved fuel efficiency*. 
3. Reduced environmental emissions such as Particulate Matter (PM2.5)*, Total Hydrocarbons (THC)*, and Greenhouse Gas (CO2)*.

Ampol Amplify Diesel HD Performance Diesel clean up and keep clean abilities  will keep your industrial powertrains running for longer and more efficiently.

Amplify Diesel HD Plus

All the benefits of Amplify Diesel HD with additional filtration at the terminal to ensure the cleanest fuel for high performance diesel engine applications.

Developed specifically for the mining industry and in response to tighter worldwide emissions regulations that demand ever more efficient and technologically advanced engine, Amplify Diesel HD Plus:
1. Delivers all the benefits of Amplify Diesel HD. 
2. Is filtered using high performance systems at the terminal to a typical ISO cleanliness of 16/14/11. 
3. Meets the needs of the latest heavy–duty diesel engines. 
4. Further reduces the amount of particulates that can cause injector wear or failure. 
5. Ensures greater reliability for high pressure common rail injector systems, which can have an internal clearance as low as 2 micrometres

What is Amplify Diesel HD?

High performance fuels for maximum efficiency Today’s typical industrial powertrains are laced under enormous loads while also being expected to handle the pressure of operating with maximum efficiency.

Which is why you need a high–performance fuel that helps restore then maintains maximum power, delivers proven fuel efficiency gains as well as delivering a reduction in environmental emissions.

Case Studies

Ampol has conducted a number of case studies to highlight the benefits of a wide range of Amplify Premium Fuels

Benefits of Amplify Premium Fuels

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