Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic oils for demanding conditions

For efficiency, performance and durability in any type of hydraulic system, Ampol offers a choice of Mobil™ hydraulic oils to suit recommendations and specifications for a wide range of farm equipment.

Whichever you choose, these products all reflect ExxonMobil's renowned research and development expertise and constant innovation to meet specific customer challenges. Also behind each product is Ampol's engineering and technical support team who can help ensure you're working with the best products to optimise performance, extend equipment life and build productivity.

These hydraulic oils are formulated to keep equipment working longer and extend service and oil change intervals by providing:

  • outstanding hydraulic system efficiency
  • ultra keep clean performance
  • a high degree of fluid durability

Mobil Univis™ N 46 and N68

  • High-quality anti-wear hydraulic mineral oils are designed to satisfy a wide range of hydraulic equipment requirements.  Formulated to help reduce maintenance costs and extend the working life of your agricultural equipment.
  • Univis™ N Series oils are formulated with select high-quality base oils and a carefully selected additive system that provide very good anti-wear properties and excellent protection against rust and corrosion.

Features and benefits

  • Good fluidity at low temperatures for rapid protection on cold start-up.
  • High viscosity index and good resistance to shear for high- pressure, high-temperature operating environments.
  • Rapid de-aeration power and good prevention of foaming.
  • Oxidation resistance to help extend lifetime of components.

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Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ 46 and 68

  • Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ Series are high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils specifically designed to meet the needs of modern, high pressure hydraulic systems.
  • Formulated from selected base oils and a proprietary additive system to provide well-balanced performance, system efficiency, ultra keep clean performance, and a high degree of fluid durability. Excellent thermal stability and anti-oxidation properties helps promote a long service life for the oil while reducing deposits.
  • Hydraulic efficiency can lead to reduced energy consumption, reducing operating costs and improving productivity.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent hydraulic efficiency.
  • High viscosity index and outstanding shear stability for high-temperature and high-pressure operation.
  • Good compatibility with elastomer seals and hoses.
  • Excellent anti-wear properties.
  • Zinc-free anti-wear system provides a high degree of protection and compatibility with multiple metals.

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Nuto™ 46 and 68

  • Good quality anti-wear hydraulic oils intended for industrial and mobile service applications.  Recommended for systems using gear, vane, radial and axial piston pumps and those containing gears and bearings where mild anti-wear lubricants are required.
  • Their effective oxidation resistance and chemical stability support good oil life in moderate to severe applications.

Features and benefits

  • Good anti-wear performance helps reduce pump wear and prolonging pump life.
  • Corrosion protection helps reduce the effects of moisture on system components.
  • Filterability to prevent filter blockage even in the presence of water.

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