Lubricants for Agriculture


Helping Australian agriculture grow

As long as Ampol has been growing our business in Australia, we've been helping the agricultural sector to grow, too.  From cropping to sheep, dairy to cotton we're right beside you with world-class products and a commitment to supporting business and communities throughout regional Australia.

On the ground to support your business

Even in the most remote locations and through the most challenging of times, Ampol has been proud to partner with Australia's primary producers for more than 125 years.  Our experience is matched through our alliance with ExxonMobil whose range of specialised, high performing Mobil oils and lubricants we are proud to market and distribute across Australia. 

Our alliance brings together world-class products and technology with our combined technical and engineering expertise delivered through Ampol's extensive national distribution network. Wherever you're farming we're never far away. 

Both Ampol and Mobil have a long history of working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and on-the-ground practitioners in the agricultural sector. Our shared commitment to constant product innovation supports our mission to help customers improve productivity and drive efficiency, to optimise safe operations and minimise environmental impacts.

From harvesters to tractors and everything in between, modern farming equipment is a necessary and major investment for every type of agricultural enterprise. Keeping that equipment in optimal operational order is essential.  

Our long-lasting, heavy-duty agricultural lubricants can help you to:

  • improve reliability and minimise machinery downtime
  • optimise productivity and performance of farm equipment
  • reduce maintenance costs and thereby overall operating costs
  • extend oil change intervals
  • extend engine life to conserve capital investment

Agricultural Products

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Industrial Lubricants FAQs

Mixing different greases, even those with similar thickener types, can sometimes lead to ineffective lubrication resulting in damage of the lubricated components. If not spotted soon enough this may lead to equipment failure.

Ahead of applying a new grease, thoroughly clean – or flush out – the previous grease from the bearing. This avoids compatibility issues and helps ensure that the new grease can perform at an optimum level.

If this cannot be carried out, mitigating actions should focus on minimizing the amount of the displaced grease remaining in the application, such as by increasing relubrication frequency to facilitate a purge of old grease in a timely manner.

In general, the recommended shelf life for oils and greases is five years, when stored properly in the original sealed containers. However, a variety of factors can impact recommended shelf life.

Why Mobil

Discover more about Mobil's world-class lubrication technology and decades of proven performance. Working to tackle the challenges of today with the technologies of tomorrow, you can drive more efficiently and safely while reducing your environmental footprint.