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All around the world, drivers and fleet managers rely on the heavy duty performance of the Mobil Delvac™ range. Chosen by many of the world's leading car makers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and often developed to meet their specific challenges, Mobil Delvac oils don't just meet the needs of modern commercial vehicles, they often surpass them.

Mobil Delvac lubricants are formulated for modern, low emission engines to deliver:
• Excellent cleaning qualities
• Reduced engine friction to enhance performance
• Better fuel economy
• Improved high-temperature performance 
• Increased effectiveness at low temperatures
• Outstanding engine protection
• Greater environmental protection 

Heavy-duty Mobil Delvac lubricants are recommended for vehicles and equipment operating in the harsh environments and severe conditions typical of transport, mining, energy and agricultural industries.

Commercial Lubricants FAQs

It’s true that Mobil Delvac can help to extend the life of your commercial vehicle engine.

However, the actual life of an engine prior to overhaul depends on many variables from oil-drain intervals and maintenance practices to your driving habits and the load carried.

But using Mobil Delvac engine oils will certainly help keep the engine-life odds in your favour.

Choosing a high-performing product like Mobil Delvac is a great step toward long equipment life, but for heavy-duty trucks, you need the right viscosity grade.

Go for a 5W-30 synthetic product to provide protection against wear and maintain oil pressure.

A proper preventive maintenance program is also critical; this not only means that appropriate inspections, check-ups and work are done but also that they are done at the right interval.

The minute a piece of equipment is filled with an oil, the oil leaves its legacy behind. When comparing a premium product like Mobil Delvac™ to a cheap oil, the cheap oil could lead to higher wear rates and increased formation of deposit, varnish and sludge – all leading to high maintenance costs and reduced equipment life. So, while the cheap oil may cost less to buy, Mobil Delvac oil can cost less to own.

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Discover more about Mobil's world-class lubrication technology and decades of proven performance. Working to tackle the challenges of today with the technologies of tomorrow, you can drive more efficiently and safely while reducing your environmental footprint.