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Tried and tested to deliver optimum engine performance, Mobil lubricants will help keep your car or bike running smoothly. Give your engine the care it deserves.

Our product range for your car

Mobil oils and lubricants have been developed specifically for contemporary petrol engine passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. 

We recommend that your choice of engine oil and frequency of oil change is guided by your vehicle manufacturer's specifications and recommended service schedule advice.

More than 70 of the top performance vehicles roll off production lines around the world with Mobil 1 synthetic oil as factory fill. 

High performance automakers using Mobil 1 oils include Porsche, Mercedes AMG, Chevrolet Corvette, Nissan GT-R, Lexus LFA, and more.

Click through to explore our range of Mobil lubricants – each one backed by years of research, development and proven performance.

Why Mobil lubricants

Discover more about Mobil's world-class lubrication technology and decades of proven performance. Working to tackle the challenges of today with the technologies of tomorrow, you can drive more efficiently and safely while reducing your environmental footprint.

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Powering industry too

Mobil engine oils and lubricants are part of a wide range also used to drive high performance for machinery, vehicles and equipment used in road transport, agricultural, energy, mining and other industrial applications.

Industry Solutions
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Planning your next road trip? Use our handy online service to find your nearest Ampol service station. Remember, as we transition to the Ampol brand, our service stations may be branded Ampol or Caltex.
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Whatever your needs, we've got you covered with Mobil's world-leading oils and lubricants. Find the right lubrication solutions for your vehicle here.

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Lubricants FAQs

Because they flow better at low temperatures, it’s possible to manufacture thinner synthetic oils and it’s these low viscosity oils that modern engines need to help reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Synthetic oils also have a higher film strength, which gives better protection and reduced wear. And, as they are more stable and less volatile at high temperatures, they work better for longer, effectively reducing the engine’s oil consumption.

Mineral oils are derived directly from the crude oil refining process, whereas synthetic oils are altered by chemical processing which improves their chemical structure.

As a result, synthetic oils perform better than mineral oils at all temperatures and are more durable.

As they are higher quality, offer higher performance and longer life, fully synthetic oils cost more than mineral oils.

No. Look instead for a reputable brand like Mobil Delvac, for a product that meets specifications set by industry and original equipment manufacturers and buy products you know to be authentic from a trusted supplier.