Petrols and Diesels

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The Amplify Premium Unleaded and Diesel range is uniquely formulated to ensure your engine stays clean and performs at its peak.

Unleaded Petrols

Our unleaded petrols are formulated to suit the widest range of unleaded engines.


From premium to specialty blends, our diesels maximise your engine’s performance.


Fully VDA approved, it also meets ISO 22241-1, 2, 3 and 4 standards,

How Amplify Products Improve Your Vehicle

World class Ampol fuels powering everyday efficiency

A recent trial demonstrated how Amplify Premium Fuels can clean and protect engines as you drive to ultimately help deliver maximum performance and improve fuel efficiency.

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Ampol Diesel HD - Powering reduced emissions with greater efficiency

A recent independent trial has proven the fuel cleaning capabilities of Amplify Diesel HD and the associated improvements in fuel efficiency and emission reductions of this world class performance diesel.

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Taking heavy trucks further

Comprehensive testing has confirmed Ampol Amplify Diesel Injector Cleaner can increase heavy vehicle fuel efficiency by up to 12%.

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Petrols and Diesels FAQ

Many new vehicles can take advantage of the Ampol Amplify premium petrol. Their higher octane and superior additive technology will result in better fuel efficiency and improvement in power and torque. Furthermore, the advanced cleaning agent in Amplify Premium petrol will attack power robbing deposits that form on the inner and outer injector surfaces to help restore power and improve overall performance.

The cleaning agent in Ampol Amplify Premium Fuels coats metal surfaces inside your engine to prevent the build of power robbing deposits. When your engine is new, the cleaning agent can lay the protective coating without having to remove any existing deposits. The corrosion inhibitor will also protect the new engine surfaces against premature wear from the formation of abrasive rust particles.

Over time, combustion of the fuel and the presence of micro-impurities can lead to deposits forming on the outside surfaces of the injector at the nozzle and within the injector moving parts. These deposits can restrict the flow of fuel as it exits the nozzle tip and also lead to binding of the internal injector components. Amplify Premium Fuels help to remove these internal and external deposits to improve the flow of fuel and allow the engine to recover its lost power.