Energy Storage

Energy storage solutions


Ampol is focused on delivering energy storage solutions for customers and sees hydrogen edge-of-grid back up power as a good first application with a broader ambition to move into residential and other light industry applications.

Ampol is partnering with an early-stage Australian developer of hydrogen-based microgeneration and storage technology. The technology has potential to deliver energy solutions that are economically and functionally competitive with diesel generators.

The technology will help Ampol offer diesel customers a low carbon alternative to remote diesel generation and has potential broader application in the residential and industrial sectors.

Ampol is well positioned to leverage this new technology through our existing customer base and to work with our partners to explore broader applications in other parts of the economy.

Overview of Energy Storage

The microgenerators are configurable subsystems - scalable in H2 production rate, power output and energy storage size

Overview of Technology

The Australian company is developing a hydrogen-based standalone microgeneration power systems that will aim to:

  • Capture renewable energy at time of generation
  • Store energy as hydrogen gas over long durations
  • Generate electricity on demand, using the H2 as fuel
Target applications include edge-of-grid and off-grid energy resources, backup power systems, distributed industrial assets, grid-independent sites and deep storage at sites (i.e. outside the bounds of Lithium-ion battery capacity).