EV Charging Network

Ampol EV charging network opportunity


Ampol is developing a strategy to transition with our mobility customers by providing an electric vehicle charging service at our retail sites.

The roll out of a national network over time will leverage Ampol’s experience with previous trials and its significant geographical footprint. Our national network of retail sites, along Australia’s major highways and close to existing high-traffic road infrastructure, makes us uniquely placed to play a key role in the delivery of EV charging.

Our initial rollout will help develop Ampol’s internal capabilities in electric vehicle fast-charging and establish our credentials to pursue further opportunities as we scale the network to help support the energy transition.

Ampol already has 10 EV charging stations across five sites, delivered in partnership with EVIE Networks, in Avenel, Taree, Seven Hills, Dandenong and Macksville, with Cockburn and Werribee to be added in 2021.

Over the long-term we will look to develop our own charging network and build our capabilities, leveraging our current fleet vehicle and card business strength into the EV market.

E-mobility infrastructure is a central pillar to capturing Ampol’s existing customer base as they transition to future energies, providing a window to ‘at-home’, ‘at-destination’ and ‘at-forecourt’ electricity and charging offerings that Ampol will develop in the years ahead.