Green Hydrogen Plant

Green hydrogen plant pilot


Ampol has executed a Head of Agreement with Fusion Fuel Green PLC to develop a green hydrogen production plant at our Lytton refinery site in Queensland.

With strong customer relationships, privileged infrastructure positions and transport fuel market leadership, we have a role to play in the emerging hydrogen industry.

The plant, which will feature a number of units, will be commissioned over the next 12 months.

The HoA provides Ampol with a significant test and learn opportunity to better understand hydrogen technology, as well as how to develop scalable, low cost, hydrogen projects.

This is a unique new technology solution for the generation of green hydrogen, potentially at a lower/ comparable cost to conventional methods.

Various channels of distribution will be explored as part of this pilot, including use at the refinery and use as a transport fuel.

The Lytton site provides a perfect location for this pilot given available land, existing skills and expertise located at the refinery, access to distribution channels and the ability to tie in to key utilities.

It is an opportunity to engage customers on hydrogen supply and remote generation opportunities.

Fusion Fuel Green PLC’s core technology

1. CPV Solar Tracker
  • MagP Product
  • Exclusive to Fusion Fuel
2. Photon Electrochemical Hydrogen Generator
  • Fusion Fuel’s electrolyzer
3. Hydrogen Tanks
  • Open market products