Ampol Amplify Diesel HD

How a HD logging operation cut fuel consumption by 5%

A trial of Amplify Diesel HD delivered decreased fuel consumption, lower emissions, and ongoing fuel injector protection in the harshest conditions. 

The Mission

Regular diesel leads to deposits on fuel injectors that impact performance and increase fuel use.

Ampol conducted a trial with a large Tasmanian log haulage customer to quantify the efficiency benefits of Ampol Diesel HD versus regular diesel.

The Action 

We trialled a Volvo 540 Euro 5 and a Kenworth T65 (Cummins) truck working in similar conditions from our customer’s Tasmanian depot. After benchmarking, the trucks used only Amplify Diesel HD for two weeks, with one dose of Amplify Diesel Injector Cleaner. 

The Result

Ampol Amplify Diesel HD delivered: 

  • Fuel consumption decrease of up to 5%
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid consumption decreased by 10%, contributing to reduced operating costs

The Bottom Line 

Amplify Diesel HD maintains logging fleet reliability by cleaning fuel injection systems, leading to improved engine performance and reduced emissions. 

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