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Case Study: Reducing Fuel Consumption

Your business could enhance its bottom line simply by keeping light duty vehicles running at their best. A recent trial demonstrated how Amplify Premium Fuels can clean and protect engines as you drive and ultimately help to deliver maximum performance and improved fuel efficiency.

The Mission

If your business relies upon light duty vehicles for everyday operations, then you understand the value of ensuring they run as efficiently as possible. Especially if your vehicles are on the road, for long hours, day after day, which means any real gain in fuel efficiency can go straight to improving your bottom line.

Ampol’s Amplify Premium Fuels are designed to clean and protect the engine as you drive. They do this by using a powerful deposit control additive to attack carbonaceous deposits that form on the tips of fuel injectors. Left unchecked these deposits can distort the flow of fuel into the combustion chamber, leading to rough engine running, hesitation under acceleration and increased fuel use.

Cleaning these deposits with Amplify Premium Fuels means your vehicles can start to go further on every full tank of fuel.

A trial was recently conducted by Ampol to confirm the fuel efficiency benefits of using Amplify Premium Petrol and Diesel.


The Action 

Ampol engaged an independent engineering consultant to perform comprehensive fuel trials. These were conducted under a real-world driving scenario following an 80km route that included urban, highway and rural driving around Melbourne.

A 2016 Toyota RAV 4 SUV was used to trial the performance of Amplify 95 and a 2015 Mazda BT 50 Ute was used to trial the performance of Amplify Diesel, both were serviced and the tyres changed prior to starting the trial.

Baseline data was collected over the 80km drive route using unadditised ULP 91 and regular diesel for the RAV 4 and BT50 respectively. A portable emissions measuring system (PEMS) was attached to the vehicles and measured multiple outputs to capture the data.

Then the vehicles were switched to Amplify Premium 95 and Premium Diesel and driven using a normal daily routine. The final data was then collected over the 80km trial drive route using the Amplify Premium fuels.


The Benefits

Amplify Premium Fuels have been locally developed and extensively tested by Ampol to specifically meet the demands of tough Australian conditions.

The cutting-edge technology used to measure their performance means you can trust these fuels to deliver genuine performance and efficiency benefits to your operation.

Amplify Premium Fuels also contain a corrosion inhibitor to protect the fuel system against damage from the formation of abrasive rust particles, to keep your engines in better condition, for longer.


The Bottom Line

Amplify Premium Fuels have the proven power to reduce fuel consumption and deliver efficiency improvements for your vehicles.

A comprehensive independent test conducted under real-world conditions proves:

  • Amplify Premium Diesel delivers up to 4% reduction in average fuel consumption1
  • Amplify 95 Premium Petrol delivers up to 2% reduction in average fuel consumption2

    Ampol engaged an independent engineering consultant to perform fuel trials under a real-world driving scenario using an 80km route consisting of urban, highway and rural driving.

    1 Based on independent testing conducted in 2020 where regular unleaded 91 octane petrol was compared to Ampol Amplify 95 in a 2016 Toyota RAV4. Vehicle was driven on a Real Drive Emissions route in Victoria and fuel consumption testing was conducted using a portable emissions measurement system (PEMS).

    2 Based on independent testing of regular diesel fuel compared to Ampol Amplify Diesel in a 2015 Mazda BT50 during 2020. Fuel consumption testing was conducted using a portable emissions measurement system (PEMS).

    Note that all results may vary depending on the engine itself, environmental conditions, other factors such as variability in engine load factor and driver behaviour.

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