Diesel Injector Cleaner Case Study

Ampol Amplify Diesel HD Injector Cleaner

Going 12% further on a tank of fuel thanks to clean injectors

Comprehensive testing has confirmed Ampol Amplify Diesel Injector Cleaner can increase heavy vehicle fuel efficiency by up to 12%.

The Mission

Working in the road transport industry means you play an important role in the life of all Australians by helping to keep  the  wheels  of  the  nation  turning. Constantly  working  in  tough  Australian  conditions  means  the  demands faced by heavy vehicle and long range freight operators  can  also  be  unrelenting  and  equally  unforgiving.

Large trucks, semi-trailers and road trains are expected to  keep  going  the  distance,  at  times  under  extreme  weather, over uneven road surfaces and often in remote and inhospitable areas.

To help keep your mighty machines going the distance and operating at their very best, Ampol has developed Amplify Diesel  Injector  Cleaner  concentrate,  now  available  in  300ml  or  1  litre  plastic  bottles  to  add  to  directly into diesel tanks.

It’s  specifically  formulated  to  ensure  the  injectors  in  your truck engines remain as clean as possible to help keep them performing with maximum efficiency.

At Ampol, we develop and test our formulations under the harshest Australian conditions. So to confirm the efficacy  of  this  advanced  product,  we  conducted  a  comprehensive 6-week testing program under real life road and work conditions.

The Action 

LR Hotshots is an Australian owned company based in Wangara  WA  who  agreed  to  trial  Amplify  Diesel  Injector Cleaner in their Isuzu fleet.

The company provides 24/7 emergency freight services throughout  Western  Australia’s  remote  locations  including  Pilbara,  Kimberley,  Gascoyne,  Midwest  &  Goldfields.

The  aim  of  the  trial  was  to  prove  to  superior  performance  of  the  latest  deposit  control  additive  technology –  quaternized  polyisobutylene,  in  Ampol’s  new Amplify Diesel Injector Cleaner. This is based on the deposit control technology used in our new and third generation  of  Ampol  Premium  Diesel  fuels  ‐  Amplify  Diesel and Amplify Diesel HD.6  modern  Isuzu  trucks  were  chosen  for  the  trial. 

All  fitted with a high pressure common rail injection system and also meeting the following criteria:

  • Odometer reading over 200,000 kms.
  • Already running on Regular (unadditised) Diesel and not using any other fuel additive.
  • No Injector Cleaner used prior to establishing the baseline data.

For the trial the following criteria applied:

  • Each truck fitted with 2 or 4 x 200L fuel tanks and each tank then dosed with Amplify Diesel Injector Cleaner.
  • Trucks used Regular (unadditised) Diesel before and after Amplify Diesel Injector Cleaner.
  • Fuel filters were replaced and tyres were inspected before commencing the trial.
  • No oil change was carried out during the trial.
  • Trucks were used by the same 6 driver(s) who shared the vehicles and followed typical Pilbara routes from Perth.

For truck details, see the table below.

The Benefits

The LR Hotshots Maintenance Supervisor initially gathered baseline data from each vehicle before the trail commenced including weekly ECU downloads as well as:

  • Fuel consumption (L/100km) from truck logs and admin records.
  • Fuel Injection compensation for each of the 6 injectors from each truck.

Upon commencing the trial, the results were regularly monitored to confirm the efficiency improvements generated by the Amplify Diesel Injector Cleaner after it was added to the fuel tanks.

The final measurement on fuel consumption data was obtained as per baseline for each vehicle. Data was gathered once the Amplify Diesel Injector Cleaner was consumed and for approx. 20,000 km.

The trial result confirmed a reduction in fuel consumption as a result of clean injectors.

1. Trial truck details table

No. Make/Model Engine Serial Number 
LR11 ISUZU FRR 110-260   6HK1690529
LR23 ISUZU FRR 110-260  


2. Raw data and calculations


LR11 LR30 LR33 LR23 LR31 LR34
26-Feb 23.4          
3-Mar 20.6 22.6      
5-Mar 20.7 22.6 27.3      
8-Mar 20.7   23.9      
9-Mar   21.9       30.3
10-Mar 20.8   24.9 23.1    
11-Mar   21.8     30.3  
12-Mar 20.6   24.3      
15-Mar   21.8   21.6 27.7 27.7
17-Mar       19.1    
18-Mar   21.7        
19-Mar        20   28.7
22-Mar           28.8
23-Mar     24.3      
26-Mar     24.3 20.7    
29-Mar     24.4 20.6 28.7  
31-mar         28.8 28.7
2-Apr       20.6    
6-Apr         28.7 28.7


Parameter LR11  LR30 LR33  LR23 LR31 LR34
Trial Duaration, Days 14 15 24 23 26 28
Travelled Distance, km 20650 19838 19776 18539 18525 28252
Average km/day 1475 1323 832 806 713 1009
Difference L/100km 2.8 0.9 2.9 2.5 1.6 1.6
% Fuel Efficiency 12.0% 4.0% 10.6%  10.8%  5.3% 5.3%

Clean injectors after treatment with Amplify Diesel Injector Cleaner produced an improvement of up to 12% in fuel efficiency with an average improvement of 8%.

Apart from reduced running costs, the superior engine performance also helped deliver sustained reliability across the LR Hotshots test fleet.

“There’s no denying Amplify Diesel Injector Cleaner works. I’ll be rolling it out across my fleet for improved efficiency and reliability.” - Proprietor, LR Hotshots