Terms and Conditions

You will receive an exclusive upgrade to receive Services and Repairs, we will waive the monthly Services and Repairs fee of $2 per vehicle between 00:01 AEDT  20/10/22 to 23:59 AEDT 29/02/24. To be eligible for this Offer, you must have an active NatRoad membership and an active AmpolCard account.

From 1/03/24, we will commence charging you the monthly Services and Repairs fee of $2 per vehicle.  You may by giving us 24 hours notice cancel this additional service prior to 1/03/24 to avoid the monthly Services and Repairs fee being charged from 1/03/24. From 1/03/24 you can cancel Services and Repairs at any time - to avoid the Services and Repairs monthly fee being charged you should provide 24 hours notice prior to the next billing period renewal.

Further details regarding Services and Repairs is available at https://www.ampol.com.au/fuel-cards/ampolcard/services-and-repairs

Services and Repairs is subject to the AmpolCard Terms and Conditions.